Shahnaz Fair One - The ultimate fairness solution


General indications for Shahnaz Fair One:

One of the most successful creams in the cosmetic market is the Shahnaz Fair One Cream. There are actually three types of cream available in the market namely, Shahnaz Fair One Scrub, Shahnaz Fair One Masks and Shahnaz Fair One Cream for Men. These creams contain a perfect blend of different herbal ingredients namely saffron, Aloe Vera, walnut, etc. that provides deep cleansing action in the perennial layers of the superficial skin surface. It also causes removal of several layer of dead skin from the skin surface and thus the contained pigments of these dead skins are also removed along with it.

Regular application of the Shahnaz Fair One cream offers relaxation in the texture of the skin as well as removal of tan. It also lightens the skin color thereby providing a fairer complexion to the individual who is applying it. The cream also revitalizes the skin and leaves it with a healthy and natural glow. The cream also acts as a natural moisturizer and   furthermore provides a protection against the tanning property of the sun. This is one of the most important properties of the cream.

Manner of application of Shahnaz Fair One Cream:

The individuals who are interested in applying the cream over their skin have to observe a regime before doing so. First of all the individuals are advised to completely wash their face with an ayurvedic based face wash. This provides a light effect on the skin. Then after few minutes of gentle rub, individuals are advised to apply the Shahnaz Fair One cream with the help of gentle circular movement. After leaving the cream for about few minutes, the individuals are advised to wash of the cream from the surface with warm or lukewarm water. This should be done twice a day to achieve the most beneficial results in a short span of time.


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