Shahnaz Husain – The pioneer in Cosmetics


Who is Shanaz Husain?

Shahnaz Husain is best known as the entrepreneur who is famous for her cosmetic products. Her group has one of the largest franchise clinics across the world. Her products have been displayed and sold in some of the World’s famous stores like La Rinaeccente (Milan), Harrods and Selfridges (London) and Bloomingdale's (New York) etc. She has got many awards, prominent among them the “World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur” by Success Magazine in 1996. Other awards include "The 2000 Millennium Medal of Honor", "The Arch of Europe Gold Star for Quality", "Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award" and other awards.

How did Shahnaz Husain become famous?

Her hard effort to find new products which slows down the looks of age and nourishes the skin in order to make people look younger has made her a global name in the corporate world of cosmetic products. Some of her famous clients are Madonna, Cherie Blair, the Clintons and Princess Diana.

What are the benefits of using Shahnaz Husain products?

From the first beauty salon which she started in 1977 to the present date, she has shunned chemicals and used only Ayurveda products which are beneficial to the body. She started a new era of herbal products. Her products have been clinically tested and found to have no side effects. It enriches the skin by giving a lustrous look. Her products have found fans across the globe. She has recently turned her attention on manufacturing new products which can be beneficial to astronauts as they have to been found to experience problems of skin.

Range of Shahnaz Hussain Products

Shanaz Husain has nearly four hundred various types of beauty products to her credit. Some of her famous beauty products are Shahnaz shaface (herbal facial skin conditioner), Shahnaz shafair (vitaminized whitening cream), Shahnaz Shayouth (Precious Herb Mask) and Shahnaz Shalife (Vitaminized Nourishing Cream).

The society has placed much importance on looks because of the increase in number of beauty pageants that seem to take place in every nook and corner of the world. In recent times, people have become very conscious of the way they look. It is this point that entrepreneurs like Shahnaz Husain play a vital role in providing people with products which can put the glow back on their faces.


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