Shilajit – Herb for all ailments


What is Shilajit?

It is a historical herb which is found in the Himalayan Mountains. The vegetation which is found in the area comprises rich soil full of minerals and vitamins. Since the vegetation dates back to thousands of years, the remaining parts of the vegetation combined with elevation of the Himalayas lead to the formation of Shilajit. It is known by other names like Shilajita Mumiyo, mineral wax or mineral pitch orozokerite. It is called as Shilajitu in the Ayurveda system of medicine.

Why is Shilajit Famous in medicine?

It is used in Ayurveda to enhance strength, stress relief and stamina. The meaning of Shilajit in Sanskrit means “hard like a rock.” In other words, regular intake of this herb or supplement will make an individual’s body hard as a rock. It can be used to cure to any body ailment and promotes immunity in the body. Sages and hermits in ancient India have used shilajit to promote youth and longitivity.

What are the Benefits of Shilajit?

It increases the formation of production of protein and metabolism reactions which are essential to carry day-today activities in life. It is used for curing diabetes mellitus and regulates glucose level in the blood. It makes muscles and bones hard and endurable by promoting the movement of vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium in the body. It increases the immunity of the body and is prescribed especially for patients who have become weak due to major surgery or long term illness.

It has been found capable of curing diseases like piles, fistulas, mental diseases (epilepsy, convulsions, mental tiredness, depression and stress), lower back pain and purification of blood due to its anti microbial properties.

It also acts as a sexual enhancer in males and it aid in improving the quality of sperms and increases their count. It is used for combating with various types of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis or amavata, osteoarthritis (OA) or sandhigata vata, gouty arthritis or vatarakta and other joint related difficulties.


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