General Introduction to Sida Cordifolia


Sida Cordifolia is one of the most important medicinal plants that are described to be an erect and perennial shrub that reaches a height of 50 to 200 cm, or 20 to a maximum of 79 inches. Entire surface of the plant is composed of white, fur like hairs and possess green based, long, hairy and slender stem. The plant also possesses yellow-green leaves, which are entirely covered with these hairs like structures. The flowers of Sida Cordifolia are dark yellowed color, with a darker orange center.

Different medicinal usage of Sida Cordifolia:

The most important usage of Sida Cordifolia is in the ayurvedic branch. The plant has been known to provide different kinds of ailments especially for the respiratory distress related problems. This plant also possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can be used in treating Cancer. Sida Cordifolia is also used for re-growth of the liver organ. This plant also contains high level of psycho-stimulant properties. It can be used against different disorders that affect the Central Nervous System and furthermore curing different associated problems with heart. 

Recent medical studies have shown that Sida Cordifolia lowers down the blood sugar level and improves on the metabolism rate. This plant has been also used to cure several diseases that arises due to the inflammation of the nerves and has been termed to be one of the most effective treatments against the Rheumatism condition. It has also been termed as a natural occurring Cardio tonic agent.

Properties of Sida Cordifolia:

Sida Cordifolia possess two important types of components namely pseudo-ephedrine and ephedrine that are known for stimulating the cardio-vascular system. These important components are known to carry a major stimulating effect on the Central Nervous System. It acts as a diuretic as well as diaphoretic agent. Sida Cordifolia also possesses high level of asthmatic properties. Even small amount of essential oils are present within the stem of this plant.


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