Cheese and sliced or cured Meats Recipe - How to prepare cured Meats Recipe?

Cheese is classified as a protein. You can eat cheese with any protein meal and between protein meals, such as for morning or afternoon tea. The only cheese not suitable is any cheese made with goat's milk or any cheese containing fruit, nuts or poppy seeds. You should also eat soft white cheeses in moderation and use mascarpone cheese with caution. You are free to enjoy hard yellow cheese.

Sliced/cured meats are also a good snack which can be eaten with cheese. You can eat meats with any protein meal or between protein meals. Some sliced/cured meats will have sugar as an ingredient on the packaging - this is because the meat is cured using a mixture of sugar and salt. You will notice that sugar features low on the list of ingredients. You can still eat this meat as a protein. Other sliced/cured meats use sugar as an ingredient mixed with the meat product during processing; these may cause your weight loss to plateau. When selecting sliced/cured meat you should read the nutritional panel on the product - you should look for a sugar content of less than 1g per 100g serving. If you are unsure, or you have reached a plateau in your weight loss, then try leaving the sliced/cured meat out of your diet.

An example of a serve of cheese:

  • 2 slices of cheddar cheese

Examples of serves of sliced or cured meat:

  • 1 slice of roasted turkey breast
  • 3 slices of pepperoni


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