Coral Calcium - Benefits and side effects of Coral Calcium Supplements


Coral calcium is a supplement which is designed from 100 percent of marine bed coral calcium and acts as a natural source of calcium along with other 73 essential nutrients and minerals which are necessary for good health. The main function of calcium is building of teeth and bones, blood clotting and maintenance of cell membranes and muscle contraction. There are two types of coral calcium - one is fossilized coral found on land and marine coral found under the sea. It is helpful in balancing the body pH and also helps in preventing various diseases. According to research, it also brings the levels of body's pH into an alkaline state.

There are five brands of coral calcium provided by health treasurers and all are found under the sea marine grade corals. They are - Coral Calcium Daily, Coral Calcium 1, Coral Calcium Supreme, Calcium Factor Plus and Coral Calcium Supreme Plus. All marine grade coral calcium contains 12 percent of magnesium and 24 percent of calcium.

Which Coral Calcium is best?

There are various claims behind the making of coral calcium. The best coral calcium is one which is most absorbable and whose clinical grade is better. It is considered that on one hand coral is a scam and on the other hand it is considered as the fountain of youth.

Truth about Coral Calcium

Coral calcium proves to be an excellent source of minerals and calcium which is available in bio form. People having maximum minerals and lacking calcium can benefit from coral calcium. There is no medical evidence for coral calcium. It is regarded as a good health supplement for the body builders and athletes.

Benefits of Coral Calcium

It aids the nervous system. It cleanses the intestines, kidneys and liver. It is helpful in achieving a neutralizing acid and healthy alkaline level. It controls digestive problems. It alleviates insomnia. It protects the body from free radical damage. It is easily absorbed and provides usable calcium.

It is helpful in metabolizing the body's iron. It increases joint and muscle mobility. It makes the bones and teeth stronger. It is helpful in breaking the drug residues and heavy metals in the body. It regulates blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is beneficial for heart disease and arthritic conditions.

This supplement is safe and can be given to elderly, children and pets. Coral calcium contains the highest absorption rate of about 69.6 percent and highest amount of good cholesterol.


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