What are the Side effects of Creatine?


Numbers of side effects of Creatine can be seen among the various people. Some side effects have been verified by the scientific investigation and some are not verified. The good part found about Creatine is that there are no adverse effects of Creatine in the human body. According to studies, Creatine is considered as the effective and safest supplement in the market. This supplement does not contain risks but studies have not proved that it has the long term effects on the body. So, there are some side effects which people experience only physically such as:-


The person should remain well hydrated while using Creatine. Some water of the body goes into the skeletal muscle and removes the fluid from the tissues while doing intense exercise. This can result into heat exhaustion and thermoregulation. The precaution should be taken by the athletes during the sports like wrestling or weightlifting. So, weight loss in this situation can lead to excessive dehydration.

Muscle strains, tears and cramps

Some users have experienced the muscle strains, pull and cramps while using Creatine. These injuries can be the result of dehydration. So, person should drink plenty of fluids while intake of Creatine.

Volumizing - The most common side effect seen in the human body with the use of Creatine is weight gain. The person can gain about 3kgs of body weight during the few weeks with the use of this supplement. The volume of muscle is increased so, it is known as Volumizing.

Gastrointestinal Distress

During the loading phase, one can experience stomach cramps, diarrhea, gastrointestinal distress and nausea due to the consumption of large amounts of Creatine consumed daily. These side effects are the result of undissolved Creatine which draws water into the intestine. To eliminate this side effect, micronized Creatines have been established. The best way to evade this side effect is that one should avoid sugar with the intake of Creatine.

Blood Pressure

The use of Creatine increases the fluid retention and this in turn increases the blood pressure of the person. Sometimes, this can be harmful for a person.

Other side effects experienced by person are:-

The use of Creatine can lead to kidney stones. Swelling can be seen on the hands or face. Some allergic reactions like hives or itching can be noticed with the use of Creatine. Some people even cannot breathe properly.

Some tingling sensation can be noticed on the throat by some people. Chest tightness can also be experienced by some people with the use of Creatine. If one experiences lot of adverse side effects then one should stop the use of Creatine and should also consult the doctor.


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