Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone - Benefits and side effects of Ergopharm 1 AD Prohormone


Ergopharm is considered as the major maker of prohormones and is well known in the entire world. It is also a natural androgen which is produced by the human body itself. 1-AD is an oral compound that converts into 1-testosterone and 19-nortestosterone. 1-testosterone is also known as a double bond isomer . This is also known as 17beta-diol and 1-androstene-3beta. This supplement is extremely potent, orally active, non-toxic, naturally occurring and completely non-aromatizable to estrogens.

Ergopharm 1-AD - Orally Active

This supplement does not lose its effectiveness even if it is taken orally. Oral ingestion is one the most common method for taking this supplement. The androgenic steroids and prohormones are deactivated by the liver. It is orally active which is based on another structural modification and there is a double bonding of the molecule. It helps in reducing wasting without creating any risk to the health of a person.

How does Ergopharm 1-AD Work?

This hormone works while converting into 1-testesterone hormone. This conversion is identical for the performance and chemical structure. This conversion proves to be 700 percent more anabolic than testosterone. Its double bonding structure makes it difficult to aromatize and create problems for estrogen. It will not lead to side effects which have been derived from DHT.

Recommended Dosage

One should take about 1-3 capsules daily and better results can be seen if one takes about 3-9 capsules daily.

Benefits of 1-AD

It decreases water retention. It is orally active. One can gain hard mass and lean mass. It is a -diol and there is no formation or aromatization of estrogen. It converts into 1-testosterone which is 700 percent more anabolic as compared to testosterone.

Side Effects of 1-AD

It reduces libido and sex drive. It increases urination and some people can have painful urination also. It also upsets gastro pains and stomach. It does not cause water retention like many other prohormones. It can convert into DHT which results into hair loss. It can lead to increased appetite, skin rash, lethargy, acne and insomnia.


  • This supplement should not be taken by the pregnant women.
  • It should be kept out of the reach of the children.
  • It should be kept in a cool and dry place.
  • The use of this supplement should be reduced or discontinued if one sees some symptoms such as nervousness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, tremors etc.


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