HMB Supplement - Benefits and Side effects of Beta-Hydroxy Beta-methylbutyrate


HMB stands for Beta-Hydroxy Beta-methylbutyrate which is produced in the body and one gets this supplement from the proteins in the diet and also from the foods such as alfalfa and catfish. It is regarded as a byproduct of the breakdown of the amino acid Leucine . This supplement is very popular in making the growth of muscles easy and fast. It was discovered in 1950 and also known as 3-hydroxyisovaleric acid . It plays a vital role in the synthesis of cholesterol. Earlier, these supplements were used by the farmers to increase the farm animals and leaner cattle.

This supplement also improves immune function and growth in animals like sheep and chicken. Fat is also reduced by this supplement to some extent. It also contains immunomodulatory and anticatabolic properties. This nutritional supplement is used by the athletes while performing intense physical activity.

How does HMB Supplement Work?

It is helpful in synthesizing cholesterol and maintains cell membrane function. Studies show that with the use of this supplement, damage of muscle membrane is reduced after performing strenuous exercise. It also plays an important role in reducing the body fat and synthesis of muscle tissue along with the exercises. The mechanisms for HMB metabolism are not known.

Ingredients in HMB Supplement

  • Potassium - 200mg
  • Calcium - 200mg
  • Calcium B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate
  • HMB - 1g

HMB Studies and Research

There are various studies done on HMB supplement. From twelve years, researchers have found that this supplement has various benefits such as it produces quick and better results from the intense exercise. The research is continuously growing in this field. According to the studies done by the Department of Education , this supplement has shown 7.5kg of strength gain from 5.2 kg in just 4 weeks of using this supplement from resistance training.

Who should take HMB Supplements?

The person should consult the doctor before taking this supplement. It is helpful for those people who perform intense exercises and gets the maximum benefit. Some people should not take this supplement and they are:-

  • Women who are breast feeding
  • Pregnant women
  • Anyone who has been advised by the doctor not to take the supplement

Recommended Dosage

Average people should take about 3gms of HMB supplement per day. If one weighs less than 125lbs then one should take 2gms per day and if one weighs more than 225lbs then one should take about 4gms per day.

Benefits of HMB Supplement

It decreases body fat. It increases lean mass gains. It decreases blood cholesterol levels. It prevents muscle catabolism. It speeds up muscle repair.


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