Agranulocytosis - Symptoms, Picture, Causes and Treatment of Agranulocytosis


Description of Agranulocytosis

Agranulocytosis is an abnormality of the blood involving white blood cells, called granulocytes or neutrophils, which are a part of the body's defence or immune system.

Persons most commonly affected by agranulocytosis - All age groups and both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved in Agranulocytosis - Blood and bone marrow.

Symptoms and indications of agranulocytosis

Fever, aches and pains, sore throat, with ulcers in mouth and throat. Ulcers may also occur in the rectum and vagina. A person with this condition requires prompt medical treatment.

Treatment of agranulocytosis

Admittance to hospital far intensive treatment with antibiotics and, possibly, transfusion of white blood cells. Patient requires to be isolated to avoid or lessen the possibility of acquiring infections. Once the condition is improving, strict attention should be paid to cleanliness and hygiene (particularly oral hygiene) until cured. The condition is usually curable but can be rapidly fatal if a severe and dangerous infection develops.

Causes and risk factors of agranulocytosis

Agranulocytosis is caused by an abnormal fall in or even absence of granulocytes because of destruction of these cells or failure of the bone marrow to produce them. This itself usually results from an adverse reaction to certain drugs, including immunosuppressant and anticancer drugs, sulphonamides, chloramphenicol and others. Certain chemicals may also produce the disease. A person who has recovered from agranulocytasis should avoid drugs or chemicals that were suspected of causing the condition.


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