Alzheimer's disease - Symtoms, Causes, Treatment of Alzheimer's disease S


Description of Alzheimer's disease

The commonest cause of DEMENTIA, being a degenerative disease of the cerebral cortex, characterized by gradual and progressive loss of mental faculties.

Persons most commonly affected by Alzheimers disease

Both sexes affecting people in middle and old age (over 40).

Organ or part of body involved in Alzheimer's disease - brain.

Symptoms and indications of Alzheimer's disease

The early indications are forgetfulness and increased difficulty in performing simple, normal tasks to which the person is well accustomed. There may be changes in personality out of character with the person's normal behaviour. There is a progressive deterioration in the person's mental and physical abilities and memory. In the very late stages of the disease, the person is incapable of any task, may be doubly incontinent, may have lost the power of speech, suffer from some paralysis and have total loss of memory. If symptoms are noticed, medical help should be sought.

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease

There is no cure or medication to halt the progress of the disease. In the early stages, as much mental activity as possible should be encouraged and carried out. Support and help is needed for the family of a person with Alzheimer's disease. It is usually desirable for the person to be placed in a nursing home in the later stages of the disease when home care becomes too difficult.

Causes and risk factors of Alzheimer's disease

The cause is not known but is the subject of ongoing, intensive research. Some researchers believe that there is a connection with the deposition of aluminium in brain cells. It is advisable to avoid cooking acidic fruits in aluminium pans to avoid contamination with aluminium.


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