Bladder Tumor - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment of Bladder Tumor


Description of Bladder Tumor

An abnormal growth of cells and tissue in the bladder that is often malignant or cancerous.

Persons most commonly affected by Bladder Tumor - adults of all age groups and both sexes but more common in males and people in middle or older age.

Organ or part of body involved in Bladder Tumor - bladder

Symptoms and indications of Bladder Tumor

The early signs are those of bladder infection, including pain or burning sensation on passing urine, feeling the urge to urinate frequently but passing little or no urine, blood in the urine. Also, pain in the region of the bladder and eventual weight loss. A person with signs of bladder disorder or infection should seek immediate medical advice.

Treatment of Bladder Tumor

The course of treatment depends upon the nature of the cancer, i.e. whether it is superficial or has invaded deeply into the muscular wall of the bladder. Treatments include radiation therapy and the use of radioactive isotopes, chemotherapy, including the placing of certain drugs into the bladder, and surgery. Also, photo radiation using a light-sensitive dye that releases chemicals that kill the cancer cells is used in some patients with a particular form of superficial malignancy. Preventative measures are directed towards certain industries whose workers are known to be more at risk. This involves following strict health and safety procedures and regular screening of the workforce.

Causes and risk factors of Bladder Tumor

The precise cause remains unclear, but this is regarded as an occupational cancer, with workers in some industries being particularly at risk. These are the chemical and rubber industries, laboratory workers, pest control operators and engineering industries using lubricant oils. The chemicals involved include benzidine, and alpha and beta naphthylamine, and persons exposed to these must follow strict guidelines. Also, people who smoke are more at risk, and there may be a greater risk for those with a family history of the disease.


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