Blepharitis - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment of Blepharitis


Description of Blepharitis

Inflammation of the outer edges of the eyelids.

Persons most commonly affected by Blepharitis - adults of all age groups and both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved in Blepharitis - eyelids and sometimes the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye.

Symptoms and indications of Blepharitis

Symptoms include reddening of the eyelids with the appearance of scales caught in the eyelashes. Ulcers may form on the edges of the eyelid and yellowish crusts form on top of these. The lashes become matted and project in various directions, or they may fall out. The conjunctiva and cornea may become reddened and inflamed. A person with symptoms of eye inflammation should seek medical attention.

Treatment of Blepharitis

Blepharitis is a stubborn condition that is somewhat resistant to treatment but usually clears in time, although it may recur. Treatment involves cleaning the eyes, bathing them with warm water containing sodium bicarbonate and removing the scales. Also, antibiotic eye drops and solutions of artificial tears may be prescribed by the doctor.

Causes and risk factors of Blepharitis

The cause is dry eyes because of lessened tear secretion, along with seborrhoeic dermatitis and infection by staphylococcal bacteria. The risk of developing blepharitis is greater in poor or overcrowded living conditions and possibly in older persons subject to dry eyes.


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