Cataract Operation and Surgery - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment of Cataract


Description of Cataract

A condition in which the lens of the eye becomes hard and opaque, resulting in blurring of vision. (The lens is a flexible, clear structure enclosed in a thin capsule within the eye. It is responsible for focusing the incoming light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye where the image is formed.)

Persons most commonly affected by Cataract - elderly persons of both sexes. Cataracts may affect younger people in certain circumstances and a congenital form can occur in newborn babies.

Organ or part of body involved in Cataract - lens of one or both eyes.

Symptoms and indications of Cataract

The main symptom is blurring of vision, which may become progressively worse. A person with symptoms of cataract should consult a doctor.

Treatment of Cataract

Involves surgical removal of the whole or part of the affected lens.

Causes and risk factors of Cataract

There are various causes of cataract. These include injury to the eye, metabolic disorders especially diabetes, hypoparathyroidism and some others, congenital disorders, particularly Down's syndrome and German measles (rubella), which if it affects a mother may cause cataracts in the baby.

However, the commonest cause of cataracts is changes that occur in the eye as a result of advancing age. There are natural changes in the protein components of the lens leading to increased opacity and cataract formation.

Preventative measures for other than age-related cataracts include seeking prompt attention for any infections or condition involving the eyes, and having regular checkups and sight tests.


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