Catatonia - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment of Catatonia


Description of Catatonia

A state or syndrome, in which a person becomes statue like, remaining rigid, which is a feature of certain mental illnesses.

Persons most commonly affected by Catatonia - adults of all age groups and both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved in Catatonia - brain, nervous system, with whole body involvement.

Symptoms and indications of Catatonia

Symptoms vary to a certain extent but include stereotyped behavior (an action repeated over and over again in the same way), statue-like rigidity of the limbs, negativism (the person fails to cooperate and does the opposite of what is suggested) and catalepsy. A person showing signs of catatonia requires medical help.

Treatment of Catatonia

Requires admittance to hospital for drug therapy and psychiatric help and counseling. The drugs that may be used include tranquillizers and, possibly, barbiturates given intravenously along with reassurance and counseling.
Electroconvulsive therapy may sometimes be helpful. Patients normally require long term support and help.

Causes and risk factors of Catatonia

The causes of profound mental disturbance are imperfectly understood. There are likely to be a number of causes at work including genetic factors, upbringing and family background, stressful events in life, physical illnesses and psychological trauma.


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