Cervical cancer - Symptoms, Causes, prevention, and treatment of cancer of cervix


Description of Cervical cancer

Cancer of the neck or cervix of the womb, which is one of the most common cancers affecting women.

Persons most commonly affected by Cervical cancer - women who are sexually active.

Organ or part of body involved in Cervical cancer - cervix- the neck of the womb.

Symptoms and indications of Cervical cancer

the precancerous and early stages of the disease may produce few or no symptoms. Later symptoms include abnormal vaginal discharge, which usually smells unpleasant and contains blood, and abnormal bleeding. If the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues and organs, further symptoms are likely to occur.

Any abnormality in the cervix is normally detected by the cervical smear test offered to all women every three years in the UK . The woman is notified if any such signs occur and is given further investigation and treatment as required.

Treatment of Cervical cancer

is mainly aimed at prevention by means of the cervical smear test, which detects definite precancerous changes in the cells lining the surface of the cervix before cancer develops.

At these early stages, the cancer is readily cured and treatment methods include cryosurgery, diathermy, laser treatment and electro coagulation. One or a combination of more radical surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are likely to be needed if the cancer has become established or has spread.

Causes and risk factors of Cervical cancer

the cause of this cancer is unknown but the sexual behavior of a woman influences her risk of contracting the disease. The cancer does not occur in women who never have sexual intercourse.

The earlier a woman or girl starts having sexual intercourse, and the greater the number of partners, are factors now recognized to increase her risk of contracting cervical cancer. However, the cure rate is high (about 95%) if detected and treated at an early stage.


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