Septicaemia or Blood poisoning - Symptoms, Causes, and treatment of Septicaemia


Description of Septicaemia

A serious and potentially life-threatening condition characterized by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms (especially bacteria) in the blood.

Persons most commonly affected by Septicaemia - all age groups and both sexes.

Organ or part of body involved in Septicaemia - blood circulation and all body systems.

Symptoms and indications of Septicaemia

A temperature that rises rapidly to a high level along with shivering chills, flushing, copious sweating, pains and aches, and a fall in blood pressure. The person feels generally unwell and requires prompt medical attention as there is a risk of shock and death. This is especially the case in a vulnerable person who has an existing illness.

Treatment of Septicaemia

Involves admittance to hospital and antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics may be required in large amounts until the condition is brought under control. If blood poisoning has arisen as a result of infection in some other organ or part of the body (e.g. the gall bladder), surgery may be necessary to treat this.

Causes and risk factors of Septicaemia

Blood poisoning may result from infection in a wound or operation site or a tooth abscess. Also as a result of an infection in the gall bladder, appendix, bums or abscesses. Elderly persons and babies are more at risk, and people with lessened immunity, e.g. those suffering from cancer. Preventative measures include seeking prompt medical attention for infections, wounds and injuries, and having regular dental checkups and treatment.


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