Natural Vitamin vs Man-Made Synthetic Vitamins


The modern science has proved to be really amazing because of the research, inventions and experiments. These days, natural things are easily duplicated with the use of scientific methods in organic and non-organic products. When we talk about nutrition, natural products are advantageous than the man-made products.

Synthetic Vitamins facts

However, synthetic Vitamins are created in a laboratory which is meant for replacing the natural vitamin and acts as a supplement. It is always better to use natural vitamins than the man made synthetic vitamins because the natural products give a better result regarding your health and nutritional dose. Man-made synthetic vitamin is a duplicate product and is available for a cheap price, as well.  According to a questionnaire survey conducted on the synthetic vitamins manufacturer, it was found that the profit margin is comparatively high. This is because synthetic vitamins are sold at a cheap price and the supply is more.

How are synthetic vitamins differ from natural vitamins?

Producing pure and natural vitamins from the natural products needs a lot of money and therefore the price is higher than synthetic vitamins. However, though science has proved to make it possible to produce natural vitamins, the sales ratio is too low when compared to the sales volume of synthetic vitamins. Natural vitamins are rare in the market whereas, man-made synthetic vitamin can be found at retail stores, groceries and medical stores. These days, since man-made vitamins are being used, people are getting very less nutrition when compared to the value of money that is being used for purchase.

Synthetic vitamins are sold using attractive packages whereas natural vitamins are not sold in that way. Artificial flavours and colours are added to the man-made synthetic vitamins whereas it cannot be found with natural vitamins. The taste of natural vitamins and man-made synthetic vitamins are also different than one another.




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