Dietary Considerations And Vitamins For Dogs


Many people do not like dogs and therefore they are not aware of the food supplements and vitamins required for dogs. If the dogs lack vitamins in their body, they are likely to get certain diseases. Diet is the most essential factor that is used for supplying required nutrition for dogs. The powerful influence of the diet has a major impact on the development of degenerative diseases like multiple Sclerosis (MS), immune related disorder, etc.

How to take care of Dog Nutrition and Vitamins?

If you are a pet owner, then you must ensure that the animal is getting proper care, food and nutrition. The immune systems of dogs are very sensitive and hence use of appropriate vitamins can enhance the life of the dog as well as energy. Most of the commercial dog food does not contain appropriate nutrients and vitamins.

Vitmains that are good for Dogs

Well, let us discuss the main factor that is vitamins for dogs.

  • Multivitamins:

Your dog can get a supply of multi vitamins if you feed homemade food or commercial dog food. In fact, it is important to give multi vitamins to the dogs for a good health and safety from the risk of diseases.

  • Vitamin B Complex:

Vitamin B Complex is essential and it is a balanced form of vitamin B supplementation. In order to maintain a positive environment and neutral activity of the dog, it is important to provide vitamin B supplement. Vitamin B is soluble in water and when it enters the body, it is supplied to the blood stream. Any excess will be released through urine. It is recommended for all pet owners to give vitamin B Complex to their dogs so as to maintain a good health.

  • Vitamin C:
Vitamin C gives an antioxidant effect on the nutritional factors in a dog. It works with vitamin E. It is not harmful and excess is released through the kidneys.




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