Cost of Lap Band Surgery


Most simply, a Lap-Band is a silicone belt that goes around the top of the stomach. This results in the ability to control your hunger and achieve a "feeling of fullness," or satiety. Ultimately, you eat much less and should feel full sooner.

Factors to consider while going for Lap Band Surgery

Individuals who are pursuing Lap-Band surgery have many factors to consider.

Deciding to have Lap-Band surgery is a big step, so it is important that individuals be prepared for everything that lies ahead.

All of the decisions that need to be made are crucial and should be given the utmost attention by the future patient.

Some of the factors that should be considered involve choosing a Lap-Band surgeon, deciding where to have the Lap-Band surgery, and the cost of Lap-Band surgery.

For those who are considering Lap-Band surgery, it is important to invest the time into selecting the doctor who will perform the surgery. Experience counts, and it can make a difference in the success of the surgery.

A personal recommendation is a good way to find a Lap-Band surgeon.

Although it should not be the only criteria when choosing a surgeon or facility, the cost of Lap-Band surgery is an important consideration since it is a sizeable amount of money that will be spent.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery

The costs can vary based on where the surgery is performed and on the individuals specific condition. It is extremely important to find out all related costs and consider all the financial issues before the surgery takes place.

Cost Effective options for Lap Band Surgery

In the USA, the cost of Lap-Band surgery can range from $17,000 to $30,000. The Lap-Band surgery is also available out of the country, often at much lower costs than in the United States, due to lower overhead costs.

The Lap-Band procedure is widely used in Australia and Europe, where the procedure was available about eight years before it was approved in the United States, at costs that can range from $11,000 to $16,000.

The surgery is also performed at similar costs in Mexico, Brazil, India and Canada.

The cost of Lap-Band surgery varies from about $17,000 to $30,000, depending on where you live. In the past, insurance companies did not cover this procedure, but increasingly they are paying for all or part of it if medical necessity is established by your doctor and if you meet the NIH requirements described above.

Services factored in Lap Band Surgery Cost

Cost Services generally included in Lap Band Surgery cost are as follows:

  • 3 Surgeon Team - which includes our Anesthesiologist.
  • Two day stay at the hospital where surgery is performed.
  • Operating room costs.
  • All preoperative evaluations.
  • Lap Band implant.
  • Two nights stay.
  • Transportation to and from the airport.
  • Fill adjustments and follow up care.


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