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Weight Loss and being thin is the dream of most of the women and men as well. The urge of loosing weight is too much to leave and sometimes it needs lots of money to make it happen. There are many Free weight loss programs which one can use to realize thier dream of loosing weight. In general, when you take in more calories than your body burns each day, you will gain weight. As simple as this sounds, however, it's not just whether you overeat that determines whether or not you will become obese.

Factors accounting for your Weight

Genetics - The genes our parents passed on to us play some role. If your parents were obese, your chances of being obese are about 25 to 30 percent higher than those who have no family history of obesity. Gender - Men can naturally burn more calories than women on a pound-for-pound basis. This is because, pound for pound, men have more muscle tissue.

Age - As we age, our metabolism begins to naturally slow down. When our metabolism decreases, our calorie intake must also decrease to compensate, or weight gain occurs. Certain medical conditions can play a role in obesity, but they are rarely the primary cause. Physical Activity - Lack of exercise can be a big influence on weight gain. It is also a critical factor in maintaining lost weight.

Dietary fat provides more than two times the calories that protein or carbohydrate in the diet provides. High-fat diets tend to promote more storage of calories as body fat versus low-fat diets. Environmental and Behavioral Influences - Habits are hard to break.

Modern Conveniences - We have a significant increase in sedentary lifestyles. To be active, one now must make a concerted effort as we no longer walk to the grocery store or even get up to change the television channel.

Steps of Free Weight Loss Programs

To lose weight permanently you must take each of the following steps:

Choose a healthy, well-balanced diet plan that works for you. Find exercises you enjoy and do them regularly. Commit (for a lifetime) to identifying, learning about, and changing the behaviors that cause you to overeat. Be in a position to benefit from your failure. It pays to be prepared, and that comes down to plain, hard work. Create a game plan to get back on track right away without beating yourself up and devastating your self-esteem. When selecting a healthy meal plan, make sure you are consuming a balanced and complete diet.

Free Nutritional and Diet Weight Loss Program

  • Commit to consuming 4 - 6 small meals and snacks everyday.
  • To succeed, you must plan ahead by packing your foods the night before. Thus, you should always have fresh and low-fat foods around.
  • Keep it simple. Don't get too caught up on the specifics or your diet. Start by simply just counting calories.
  • Eat your foods slower.
  • Make healthier food selections like fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, low fat meats, fish and skinless poultry.

Some free weight loss programs

Warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes. Power walk for 500m, slow walk for 100m. Repeat for the duration of your walk. Always complete a warm down before finishing the session.

Start by exercising for 10 minutes, 6 days per week, or 20 minutes, 3 days per week. If you can do 60 minutes then even better. Always start with a light walk to warm up, and then increase the pace of your walk.

Warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes. Power walk for 5 minutes, slow walk for 2 minutes. Repeat for duration of your walk. Always complete a warm down before finishing the session.

Warm up and stretch for 5-10 minutes. Jog for 50m, walk for 500m. Repeat 5 times. Always complete a warm down before finishing the session.

Tips and Care while taking Free Weight Loss Programs

Check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program! Take your measurements and make a note of them. Re-take them every 4 weeks to track your progress. Decide when you will workout (in the morning, at lunch or after work) and write it down in your calendar or fitness journal. Plan and prepare your meals for the week beforehand. Use every resource you have to motivate you, including your friends, family, and co-workers. Reward yourself at the end of each week if you completed all your workouts.


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