Lap Band Surgery Diet


Lap Band Syrgery like any other surgical procedure needs special attention in terms of diet and what you eat in your diet. It’s important to fully understand the Lap-Band diet before you decide on this type of weight loss surgery. It is very important to follow the eating and drinking instructions starting right after the operation to allow the new stomach structure to heal completely and in the right position. This may take a month or more.

The First Few Days Diet Post Lap Band Surgery

Right after the operation you can take an occasional sip of water or suck on an ice cube. You shouldn't drink more than this. The day after the operation, you can take a little more fluid but only a small amount at a time. Besides water, you should also choose clear liquids that have an adequate number of calories. To prevent nausea and vomiting, do not drink too much. The first 3 to 4 days following Adjustable Gastric Lap-Band surgery patients must follow a clear liquid diet. Failure to follow the prescribed diet can cause complications such as band erosion or slippage that require additional surgery.

Liquid Diet (1-2 weeks post-op) for Lap Band Surgery

The goal during this early post-operative period is to protect the small stomach pouch. Only thin liquids can be tolerated at this time. It is also important to keep hydrated with lots of water. Other liquids recommended during this phase include:

  1. clear broth or soup (with no vegetables or meat and not creamy)
  2. skim milk
  3. fruit juice
  4. no-sugar-added popsicles

Care and Precautions in Diet after Lap Band Surgery

No caffeine is permitted for the first three months after surgery.

Carbonated beverages; both diet and regular may cause gas, bloating, and an increase in stomach size due to the carbonation and are not recommended at any time for Lap-Band patients.

Too much food or big chunks of food can block the stomach pouch outlet. You can avoid this problem by chewing food well and eating small bits at a time.

Chew your food adequately so that it can easily fit through the opening. Eat only three small meals a day and make sure that these meals contain adequate nutrients. Your stomach can only hold about 1/4 cup of food or 2 oz. at a time. Stop eating when your hunger is gone or when you feel comfortable.

Foods not tolerated in Lap Band Surgery

Meats that are especially tough such as steak and pork chops. Some Lap-Band patients have difficulty digesting other meats that contain gristle such as hamburger. Oranges and grapefruits may not be tolerated unless the membrane is removed before eating. The seeds and/or skins of all fruits and vegetables. High fiber vegetables such as celery and sweet potatoes. Spicy foods. Fried foods. Certain spices including cinnamon, pepper, or onion or garlic salt. If you are unable to tolerate milk, it’s important to add other calcium and protein rich foods such as cottage cheese.

Tips on Diet after Lap Band Surgery

  1. Eat only three small meals a day
  2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly
  3. Stop eating as soon as you feel full
  4. Do not drink while you are eating
  5. Do not eat between meals
  6. Eat only good quality foods
  7. Avoid fibrous foods
  8. Drink enough fluids during the day
  9. Drink only low-calorie liquids
  10. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day


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