Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills


Side Effects of Over the counter weight loss pills

Although many over the counter diet pills and weight loss supplements contain ingredients with powerful amphetamine-like properties, and even though some of these diet pills have been associated with serious side effects including death, there is no compulsory reporting procedures for these diet products.

The side effects and dangers of OTC diet and weight loss pills can vary enormously because many of these pills contain a cocktail of ingredients and because dosage instructions may be inadequate. Possible side effects include: nervousness, tremor, diarrhea, bulging eyes, racing heartbeat, elevated blood pressure even heart failure.

Side Effects of Diet and Weight loss Pills

Diet pill side effects of drugs that operate on the brain to reduce appetite include: raised blood pressure, chest pain, fever, hair loss, depression, impotence, heart damage, to name a few.

Side Effects of Diet Pills That Work in the Gut

diarrhea, unexpected fecal discharge and oily stools. To reduce these side effects, Xenical-users are advised to follow a low-fat diet plan.

Side Effects of Weight Loss Pills in general

The possible side effects of some diet pills as shown by extensive medical testing are: nervousness, restlessness, insomnia, high blood pressure, fatigue and hyperactivity, heart arrhythmias and palpitations.

Congestive heart failure or heart attack, stroke, headaches, dry mouth, vomitting and diarrhea or constipation, intestinal disturbances, tightness in chest, tingling in extremities, excessive perspiration, dizziness, disruption in mentrual cycle

Change in libido, hair loss, blurred vision, fever and urinary tract problems. Overdoses can cause tremors, confusion, hallucinations, shallow breathing, renal failure, heart attack and convulsions.

Prescription diet pills are very strong drugs, and each has the potential for dangerous side effects. Some of the side effects from taking prescription diet pills can be dangerous.

Each diet pill has its own set of potential side effects, so instead of listing every possible side effect here, please visit the pages on this site that correspond to the diet pill you are interested in.

Dangers of Diet and Weight Loss pills

It is important to know the dangers of diet pills and diet pill side effects. One of the dangers of diet pills that inhibit the absorption of fats are gastrointestinal side effects, such as, oily spotting, flatus with discharge, fecal urgency, fatty/oily stool, oily evacuation, increased defecation, and fecal incontinence. Other gastrointestinal diet pill side effects may include: abdominal pain, nausea, infectious diarrhea, and rectal pain.

Another one of the dangers of diet pills that inhibit the absorption of fats can be a deficiency in vitamins A, D, E, K, and Beta-carotenes. Also, rare diet pill side effects have been hypersensitivity with symptoms of pruritus, rash, urticaria, angioedema, and anaphylaxis. It is recommended that patients taking this type of diet pill also take some sort of multivitamin supplementation, like VäxaGreens Drink, that contains fat-soluble vitamins to ensure adequate nutrition.


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